Lindhaus Activa Vacuum Parts

Hotspot Background34. Lindhaus Handle Grip A43 DI34 DY3498. SCREW 3.9 X 13 PACK OF 2035. CHROMATE TUBE + HANDLE BUTTON36. BUTTON+SUPPORT+SPRING 2 POSITION89. Handle Tube Assembly4. Bag Door Spring3. Bag Door Latch90. Bag Housing Cover2. Bag Door Gasket63. Hepa Filter20. Motor Filter19. Foam Filter42. Circuit Board – 3 WireScrews – Pack of 20Washer48. Timing Belt108. SCREW 3.9 X 13 TG PACK OF 20103. Speed Sensor62. Brush Pulley with Metal Insert86. Trans Support with Sensor98. Drive Joint Clutch Kit64. Brush Roller 30 Activia82. Front Bumper80. Roller Cover81. Rear Bumper95. Screws 4.8 X 13 TG79. Channel Cover78. Front Axle77. Front Wheel 76. Roller Cover Clip92. Screw 3.5 X 9.5 TG Pack of 20100. SCREW 3.9 X 2574. O-Ring73. Roller Support72. Side Cover75. Wheel Support71. Brush Height Adjuster70. Adjusting Knob69. Rear Wheel Assembly68. Base Housing67. Base Lift Lever04. Cord 3 Wires66. Foot Pedal Spring 65. Foot Pedal105. Lens Set, Red and Green58. Housing55. Support Right97. Screw 3.9 X 1954. Bushing49. O-Ring59. Motor Housing97. Screw 3.9 x 1956. Left Support43. Vacuum Motor 120v 60 Hz 44. Motor Gasket45. Brush Holder Gasket112. Bushing (Motor Gasket)110. Kit Motor Gasket92. SCREW 3.5 X 9.5 TG7. Exhaust Grill Hook31. Terminal Block 2 Poles101. Screw 2.9 X 16 Pack of 2032. Cord Clamp5. Bag Housing6. Bag Housing GasketScrew 3.5 X 2541. Upholstery Tool 83. Natural Bristle Brush Only40. Center Strip (Only)18. Motor Protection Filter87. Grill Complete8. Bag Safety Support92. Screw 3.5 X 9.5 TG9. Strain Relief Kit10. Internal Cord 11. Antistatic Spring12. Hose Support96. Screw 3.5MM X 32mm96. Screw 3.5MM X 32mm31. Rx Hepa Lower Cord Hook Medium106. Spacer Cord Hook14. Transport Handle15. ScrewScrew15. Accessory Clip39. Crevice Tool16. Exhaust Grill 17. Microfilter 12 PackScrewScrew 3.9 X 1922. Electric Panel CoverSpring26. Switch Button29. Circuit Board – Variable Speed86. Trans Support With Sensor32. Cord Clamp84. Rubber Tube 21. Electric Panel Housing93. Screw 85. Electric Panel Cap30. Power Adjusting Knob33. Cord 2×17 Thin, 2 Prong, 2 Wire26. Switch Button 24. Red LensMain Switch23. Vacuum Sensor With Light37. Extension Hose With Handle Grip