CleanMax CMP-3T Pro-Series Vacuum

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Introducing the CleanMax Pro-Series Upright Vacuum #CMP-3T – Your Ultimate Cleaning Solution!

We will throw in a free package of 6 bags and a 2 year warranty with the purchase of this CleanMax vacuum! Experience unparalleled cleaning power with the CleanMax Pro-Series Upright Vacuum #CMP-3T, meticulously crafted to tackle the most demanding cleaning tasks day in and day out. Engineered with durable metal components in high-wear areas, this vacuum is built to deliver years of reliable service, making it your trusted cleaning companion.

Key Features:

  1. Powerful 10 AMP Capped Motor with Thermal Protection for optimized performance.
  2. Clean Air System that safeguards the motor by efficiently pulling dirt through the vacuum bag and filter, ensuring only clean, filtered air circulates through the fan and motor.
  3. Full Time On-Board Tools, including a Metal Telescopic Wand, Crevice Tool & Dusting Brush, provide convenient access for cleaning bare floors and hard-to-reach areas.
  4. HEPA Filtration Standard to capture even the tiniest particles, promoting cleaner air in your living spaces.
  5. Automatic Height Adjustment for effortless transition between different floor surfaces.
  6. Sturdy Metal Handle, Cord Hook, Bottom Plate, and Brushroll with Ball Bearings, ensuring exceptional durability.
  7. Smooth navigation with 4 Rubber Wheels featuring Brass Bushings.
  8. Wide 14″ Nozzle for efficient coverage and quicker cleaning.
  9. Noise level below 70 dBA for quieter operation.
  10. Lightweight design at just 15 lbs., making it easy to maneuver and carry.
  11. Certified with LEED Qualification, ETL Approval, and the Carpet and Rug Institute Seal of Approval – Silver.


  • Motor: 10 AMP Capped Motor with Thermal Protection
  • Cleaning System: Clean Air Design
  • Vacuum Bag: HEPA Bag, Cloth (Shake out) Optional
  • Post Filter: HEPA
  • CFM (Cubic Feet per Minute) Average: 107
  • Inches of Water Lift: 110
  • On/Off Switch: Conveniently located on the body
  • Cord: 6.5″ Pigtail with (2) 30-foot Commercial Grade Cords
  • Nozzle Width: 14″ for wider cleaning coverage
  • Edge Cleaning: Front and Side, leaving no dust or debris behind
  • Decibel Rating: Less than 70 dBA for quieter operation
  • Weight: Lightweight at only 15 lbs.
  • Certifications: LEED Qualifying, ETL Approved, Carpet and Rug Institute Seal of Approval – Silver
  • Metal Brushroll, Bottom Plate, and Handle for enhanced longevity
  • Replaceable Brush strips for Quad Cleaning
  • Warranty: 2 Year Motor, 1 Year Comprehensive, providing peace of mind

Discover unmatched performance and durability with the CleanMax Pro-Series Upright Vacuum #CMP-3T. Make cleaning a breeze and enjoy cleaner, healthier living spaces with this exceptional cleaning tool.