Lindhaus RX eco FORCE 500e

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Experience Versatile Cleaning with the Lindhaus RX500e Vacuum Cleaner!

We will throw in a free package of 10 bags, 2 filters and a 2 year warranty with the purchase of this Lindhaus vacuum! Designed for Various Applications: The Lindhaus RX380e has a 20β€³ cleaning path making it suitable for a wide range of carpeted surfaces. From hotel rooms, corridors, ballrooms, showrooms, stores, restaurants, cinemas, conference rooms, to cruise ships, this vacuum cleaner excels in performance.

Maintenance Made Easy – No Tools Required: With the RX500e, maintenance is a breeze. The dynamically balanced roller, spinning at 4500 RPM, is effortlessly replaced without the need for tools. Equipped with 4 rubber wheels and two side cylinders, the vacuum glides smoothly along walls.

Engineered for Longevity and Efficiency: Powered by electric motors manufactured by the sister company Rotafil (Padova – Italy), using bar type commutator technology, the RX380e ensures safety and reliability. These efficient motors provide low power consumption and outstanding performance, resulting in low noise levels and extended service life. Electronic controls safeguard the motors from overloads, guaranteeing peak performance.

Electronic Protection Features: The RX500e comes with electronic control that ensures a soft start, overload indication for correct height adjustment, and motor shut-off to protect the drive timing belt and other moving parts.

Stainless Steel Base Guide for Durability: With two wear-resistant stainless steel base guides, the RX500e employs a shockproof system. Its two-position operation enables smooth transitions over thresholds or lays down horizontally to clean under beds and furniture.

Convenient On-Board Accessories: The RX500e comes equipped with on-board accessories, including a stretch hose, handle with suction control, telescopic wand, crevice tool, and upholstery tool, all easily accessible on the upper part of the suction body.

Enhanced Motor Protection Filter: Lindhaus takes special care in protecting the brush motor by incorporating an additional air inlet/outlet filter in washable sponge material. This filter not only aids in cooling but also ensures easy replacement from the outside without requiring any tools.

Optional Special Filters for Enhanced Cleaning: For environments with higher cleaning requirements, the RX380e can be equipped with optional filters, including a 3-layer microfiber bag, motor protection filter, active carbon/microfilter, and a Hepa filter for healthcare settings, laboratories, and more.

Discover the Lindhaus RX500e Vacuum Cleaner – Your Ultimate Cleaning Companion!

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