Nilfisk Advance Adgility 6XP Backpack Vacuum

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We will throw in a free package of 10 bags, 2 filters and a 3 year warraty when you purchase this Advance backpack vacuum! The Advance backpack vacuums surpass all criteria, with technical advancement that shows in every Advance product, making fast productive cleaning at a price that won’t bust your budget.

There are many things that should be present in a good backpack vacuum cleaner. It should be light in weight, with even weight distribution, and the noise level must be as low as possible. Without these basics, a backpack vacuum cleaner is uncomfortable and impractical to operate. Model# 9060608010


The Advance backpack vacuums excel in meeting all criteria, showcasing technical advancements across the entire product line. This results in efficient and rapid cleaning without straining your budget.

A quality backpack vacuum cleaner should encompass several key features. It must be lightweight, ensuring even weight distribution for operator comfort, and maintain minimal noise levels to enhance practicality during operation. Without these fundamental aspects, a backpack vacuum becomes uncomfortable and impractical.

Simultaneously, the vacuum should deliver sufficient power for quick and effective cleaning, accompanied by a spacious dust bag to minimize frequent replacements. Cost-effectiveness in the cleaning process is of utmost importance.

Key Attributes:

  • Low sound level for operator comfort, ideal for noise-sensitive areas
  • Lightweight design with an ergonomically crafted harness to reduce fatigue
  • Effective filtration featuring a HEPA exhaust filter
  • Sturdy construction for an extended working life
  • Containers available in different sizes to suit various applications
  • 15-meter detachable cable with a safety release for time efficiency
  • Easy storage, capable of standing on the floor or being wall-hung
  • Suitable for both left and right-handed use
  • Exhaust air designed to prevent interference with the operator

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