Sanitaire SC899 Wide Track Commercial Vacuum

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Introducing the Sanitaire SC899 TRADITION® Wide Track® Commercial Upright Vacuum, the ultimate cleaning solution with a wide 16″ cleaning path for 33% more productivity. Built with a commercial design and a chrome hood for enhanced durability in the toughest environments, this vacuum is engineered to lower the cost of ownership with its 2,000-hour motor life, shake out bag, and chrome brush roll featuring replaceable bristle strips.

Efficient and Easy Maintenance:

The Quick Kleen™ fan chamber is a valuable feature, aiding in diagnosing and clearing clogs for easy maintenance. With a large-capacity, 18-qt. shake out bag and a 50-foot quick-change, pigtail cord, productivity is maximized, and downtime is minimized, ensuring continuous cleaning.

Enhanced Comfort and Maneuverability:

The new model features a looped handle, providing added comfort during use and improving maneuverability for efficient cleaning. The pigtail cord adds convenience and cost-effectiveness during maintenance.

Performance Specifications:

  • Motor: 7 amp
  • CFM: 145 (Cubic Feet per Minute)
  • Filtration: Standard
  • Dust Containment: Shake Out Bag
  • Dust Capacity: 18 qt (quart)
  • Cleaning Width: 16″
  • Cord Length: 50′ Pigtail
  • Sound Level: 79 dBA
  • Brush Roll: 53273
  • Bag: Not applicable (shake out bag design)
  • Belt: RD 66100
  • Filter: Not applicable

Quality and Reliability:

The Sanitaire SC899 TRADITION® Wide Track® Commercial Upright Vacuum is proudly crafted in Mexico and comes with a 2-year warranty, covering both parts and labor.

Experience the power, productivity, and ease of maintenance with the Sanitaire SC899 TRADITION® Wide Track® Commercial Upright Vacuum. With its wide cleaning path, efficient design, and exceptional performance, this vacuum ensures effortless and effective cleaning for your commercial spaces. Keep your environment clean and inviting with this reliable cleaning solution.