Advance ES400 XLP Self-Contained Carpet Extractor

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Advance has ushered in a new era of carpet cleaning with the introduction of the ES400 self-contained extractors.

This multi-purpose machine, built on the industry-leading AquaClean® platform, is perfect for maintaining the cleanliness of your high-traffic carpeted areas. Featuring LIFT™ and Dual Cleaning Mode technologies, the ES300™ XP and ES400™ XLP offer the flexibility to perform deep cleaning or interim cleaning with exceptionally quick dry times. Endorsed by the Carpet and Rug Institute Seal of Approval, these machines not only effectively remove dirt and water but also adhere to the highest industry standards, contributing to the extended life of your carpets.

Key Specifications:

  • 1.5 hp, 3-stage vacuum motor with a 120-inch waterlift capacity.
  • LIFT™ Technology for low-moisture cleaning.
  • Deep Treat™ cleaning for pre-spray and post-cleaning treatment.
  • Adjustable handle for enhanced maneuverability in tight spaces.
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Technical specifications for ES400 XLP

  1. Model# 56265501
  2. Power cable ft. (m)50 ft
  3. Pump120 psi
  4. Sound level68 dB A
  5. Solution tank capacity gal (l)12 gal (45 L)
  6. Recovery tank capacity gal (l)10 gal (38 L)
  7. Brush motor hp (W)1/3 hp
  8. Brush size in (cm)18 in (46 cm)
  9. Gross vehicle weight lbs (kg)118 lb
  10. Vacuum shoe width (cm)20.75 in (53 cm)
  11. Flip handleYes
  12. Width22.75 in
  13. Vacuum motor1.5 hp 3 stage
  14. Cleaning path18 in (46 cm)
  15. Waterlift/Airflow120 in
  16. Flow Rate Interim Cleaning Mode0.17 gpm
  17. Flow Rate Restorative Mode0.7 gpm
  18. Min. machine length29.25 in
  19. Tank height35.25 in
  20. Adjustable handleIncluded
  21. Front-mounted Drain HoseIncluded
  22. Integrated Hand Tool (optional)Included
  23. Floating Brush HeadIncluded
  24. Removable tankIncluded
  25. Stowable Handle on TankIncluded
  26. Easy to operate – all controls in one placeIncluded
  27. LIFT™ TechnologyIncluded