Lindhaus Valzer Eco Green

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Free package of 10 bags, 1 free hepa filter and a free 5 year motor warranty with purchase!

Elevate your cleaning routine with the Lindhaus Valzer Eco Green vacuum, a cutting-edge solution that seamlessly blends powerful performance with eco-friendly design. Engineered with sustainability in mind. This vacuum features energy-efficient technology and advanced filtration ensuring both an immaculate home and a reduced environmental footprint.

Tackle various surfaces effortlessly, from carpets to hardwood floors, with the Lindhaus Valzer Eco Green’s versatile capabilities. The HEPA cloth bags  not only eliminate waste but also contributes to long-term cost savings. The advanced filtration system ensures that your home remains free from allergens, providing a healthier living environment.

Optimize your cleaning experience with the Lindhaus Valzer Eco Green, where efficiency meets environmental consciousness. Experience the future of sustainable cleaning and make a positive impact on both your home and the planet. Choose Lindhaus Valzer Eco Green for a greener, cleaner lifestyle.

  • Free package of bags with purchase
  • Ideal for both carpet or bare flooring
  • Lightweight, quiet and very easy to handle
  • Lifetime belt
  • 5 year motor warranty, 2 year parts
  • Rotafil digital motor
  • Patented universal brush tool for floors and carpets
  • M30e power nozzle
  • Optional wheeled floor tool
  • On-board tools & accessories
  • Quick release connections

Eco Green & Digital Pro L-ion Brochure

Eco Green & Digital Pro L-ion Manual

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