Tornado Pac-Vac Aircomfort Backpack Commercial Vacuum

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In a groundbreaking collaboration with Deuter, the renowned global leader in hiking and mountain climbing backpacks, Tornado has ushered in a new era of practicality for backpack vacuuming. The fusion of Tornado’s cutting-edge vacuum technology with Deuter’s state-of-the-art Aircomfort harness has given birth to a unit that we confidently assert is the epitome of comfort and breathability in the backpack vacuum market today!

Thanks to the patented Aircomfort harness technology, air can escape from three sides, reducing perspiration on the wearer by up to 25% compared to conventional closed-back systems. This breakthrough innovation has a profoundly positive impact on the operator’s body temperature, resulting in a substantial boost in cleaning productivity—reaching an astounding 7,000 square feet per hour!

  • Available in both 6 and 10 quart models
  • Patented Aircomfort harness technology reducing wearer perspiration by up to 25% over closed-back systems
  • Five unique harness adjustments for an individualized, secure, and cool fit
  • A four-level filtration system including a HEPA filter cartridge, contributing to improved indoor air quality (IAQ)
  • Superior 69.5 dB rating for whisper-quiet operation
  • Light weight and ergonomic
  • 110” water lift
  • 110 CFM
  • Complete set of tools and double-bend wand come standard.
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Model Pac-Vac 6 Aircomfort Pac-Vac 10 Aircomfort
Catalog Number 93012B 93014B
Dimensions (L x W x H) 7.5 in. x 9.5 in. x 20.5 in. 7.5 in. x 9.5 in. x 25.25 in.
Weight 13 lbs. / 6 kg 14 lbs. / 6 kg
Recovery Bag Capacity 6 qt. / 5.69 l 10 qt. / 9.46 l
Cord Type Pig Tail Pig Tail
Approvals CRI Gold Level CRI Gold Level
Airflow 110 CFM / 3.11 m3/h 110 CFM / 3.11 m3/h
Waterlift 110 in. / 279 cm 110 in. / 279 cm
Productivity per Hour 7,407 sq. feet per hour/688 sq. meters per hour 7,407 sq. feet per hour/688 sq. meters per hour
Filtration System 4-Stage with HEPA cartridge 4-Stage with HEPA cartridge
Sound Level 69.5 dB 69.5 dB
Vac Motor 8.5 A 8.5 A
Power 120 V / 60 Hz 120 V / 60 Hz

6 qt. (93012B), 10 qt. (93014B)