Lindhaus Flexy Battery-Powered Floor Scrubber LW44

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Unleash the power of the Lindhaus LW44 Flexy floor scrubber, meticulously crafted in Italy for unparalleled quality and performance. Engineered for versatility, this innovative scrubber can seamlessly switch between battery and current inverter power sources, providing unmatched flexibility for your cleaning needs.

Experience superior cleaning prowess with high-efficiency Rotafil brushless suction motors and two self-cooling Rotafil gearmotors, ensuring optimal cleaning efficiency with every pass. Designed for ease of use, our floor scrubber is incredibly lightweight and maneuverable—simply guide it, and it effortlessly glides across your floors.

Enjoy maximum flexibility with the Flexy joint, which can be locked in any position or left free for effortless operation. Whether cleaning horizontally or vertically, our scrubber delivers impeccable results every time.

Equipped with removable solution tanks and a Hepa filter-integrated recovery tank, maintenance is a breeze. Plus, with a powerful 36V-20Ah lithium-ion battery providing up to 90 minutes of autonomy, you can tackle extensive cleaning tasks with confidence.

With its ultra-low base height of just 219mm, our scrubber effortlessly reaches under furniture and tight spaces, ensuring thorough cleaning throughout your space. Achieve above-average hourly output of 1500 sqm/h, completing your cleaning tasks in record time.

Say goodbye to manual scrubbing—our floor scrubber features front and wall washing and drying capabilities, along with a steering nozzle for flawless drying, even around curves. Thanks to its tool-free brush and squeegee replacement, maintenance is quick and hassle-free.

Designed for convenience, our scrubber folds up for easy transport, fitting effortlessly into a car for on-the-go cleaning. With its minimal weight and noise level, you’ll enjoy unparalleled performance without any disruptions. Experience the future of floor cleaning with the Lindhaus LW44 Flexy floor scrubber.


Introducing the Lindhaus LW44 Flexy floor scrubber: your ultimate professional solution for dynamic washing and impeccable drying. With cutting-edge battery-powered technology, this scrubber offers unparalleled performance and efficiency.

Stay in control with the intuitive display on the handle, allowing you to manage all machine functions effortlessly. From adjusting settings to checking battery levels, it’s all at your fingertips. Plus, maintenance is a breeze with tool-free removal of the floor squeegee nozzle and easily replaceable brushes.

Experience thorough cleaning with two counter-rotating brushes that project both laterally and frontally, ensuring no spot is missed. Thanks to the quick bayonet coupling, brush replacement is swift and hassle-free. Emptying and washing the recovery tank is a simple task, while the washable Hepa filter eliminates bacteria, fungi, and viruses with ease.

Enjoy the convenience of removable tanks, equipped with a dosing cap for clean water and a float-equipped recovery tank with a Hepa H11 motor protection filter. The patented Flexy joint allows for 360° rotation and easy access under furniture, making it adaptable to any operator’s needs.

Powerful and long-lasting, the Lindhaus LW44 Flexy is equipped with a 36V-20Ah lithium-ion battery, providing up to 90 minutes of autonomy. With the optional Lindhaus inverter, you can seamlessly switch to hybrid power, ensuring uninterrupted use.

Benefit from high-efficiency motors, including a 36VDC – 300W Rotafil single-stage By-Pass Brushless suction motor, offering incredible performance with minimal energy consumption. Plus, with UV-C lamps (optional), you can sanitize freshly washed floors, preventing the spread of viruses, bacteria, and fungi without producing ozone.

Experience the pinnacle of floor cleaning technology with the Lindhaus LW44 Flexy floor scrubber. Efficient, versatile, and powerful, it’s the ultimate solution for all your cleaning needs.

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