Powr-Flite Millennium Floor Machine 17″ 1.5 Hp NM171HD

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The 17″ 1.5 horsepower Millennium Edition Floor Machine boasts the capability to tackle challenging tasks like grinding, yet it’s equally adept at more delicate operations such as buffing finished floors.

Key Features:

  • Patented rotationally molded one-piece housing diminishes noise and vibration.
  • Robust 1.5 hp, 175 RPM motor effortlessly handles any task.
  • All Steel Triple Planetary Gear Box ensures durability and reliability.
  • Thumb-activated safety interlock switch prevents unintended start-ups.
  • Each machine undergoes assembly and testing by our experienced team in Texas

The Powr-Flite 17″ 1.5 horsepower Millennium Edition Floor Machine delivers the strength and adaptability needed for demanding tasks. It showcases a patented rotationally molded one-piece housing, effectively minimizing the vibration and torque often encountered with other floor machines. Pad driver available for separate purchase.

Powr-Flite provides top-notch pad drivers as an additional accessory for your floor machine. While necessary for operating your floor machine with a floor pad, Powr-Flite offers this as an optional add-on, considering that many users may already possess universal pad drivers in their equipment arsenal.

If you don’t have a pad driver, ensure to include one with your floor machine purchase. Explore our Pad Driver page for detailed insights, or simply add a pad driver below